25/USA/She/They. Artist, Musician, Graphic Designer, Editor, Streamer.

hellooooo, im tiki, or piki, or whatever you wanna call me! I'm a raccoon that lives on an island where I play games, make art or just dickaround with my pals. On mah stream I like to play all kinds of stuff but I mainly enjoy streaming retro games and art the most!


I travel through computers entering new places coming out a little different each time. I pull out other pals (like my talking executable pal, chef chatardee) to join my travels. I stream and talk for all the little people inside my computer!

I wasn't always the raccoon you see now, in fact, I began my life as a still image of "tails gets trolled", sitting in the corner of a screen.

Then one day.. something happened. I became sentient, free to make my own choices and meet whoever I wanted. I traded my fox exterior for a raccoon, feeling it fit me and my digital trash digging more. I met some cool people and made friends in my travels across the web.

I began feeling more comfortable, making nests in different corners for my friends and I to watch silly videos or play weird games. Dyed my hair red, signalling my REBELLIOUS phase!

My digital friends kept me company, but wanted their own outlet on the stream. In a crazy accident, a text-to-speech executable clashed with an ad for ravioli, making my pal Chef Chatardee in the process.

Growing tired of my alleyway, we traveled to a nice island with a much needed style change, looking forward to new opportunities and travels.